Monday, July 18, 2011

My representative doesn't represent me

I live in a congressional district represented by Douglas Lamborn.  In my opinion, he's a dangerous ideologue who doesn't understand the first thing about representative democracy, but, hey, what do I know?  As Jefferson said,  let facts be submitted to a candid world. 

I receive occasional messages by email from Rep. Lamborn's office.  Today's documented an interview he held with our local newspaper, the Gazette.  An exerpt:

The Gazette:Budget talks have been the only thing coming out of Washington for weeks now. So along those lines, what’s happening that you specifically think voters around here should know about?
Lamborn:The big news today is that we got together as (House) Republicans this morning, and we have a deal that we think is a great deal to move forward with, and that we can unify behind. And that’s the first time in this whole debate that we’ve really reached this point. And I’m excited about the plan. It’s cut, cap and balance. In the short term, we cut next year’s budget by $111 billion. Some of that is discretionary, some of that is mandatory. In the medium term, in the next 10 years, we cut from our current spending — the current budget is about 24 percent of gross domestic product — to under 20 percent of GDP, with an eventual path to get down, someday, to 18 percent. To me, the sooner the better. And then in the long term, have a balanced budget amendment that goes out to the states. I’m hopeful that enough states would ratify it to put this in the Constitution, so that on a permanent basis, we can’t overspend. Those are the main provisions.   [my emphasis]
 So let's see.  A constitutional amendment that requires, like say, California, that the budget not exceed revenue.  Then, some perverse congress, like the one we have now, that refuses to consider raising taxes just because it has some religious significance for them, can paralyze the entire apparatus of government.  That's working so great for the states!  What a tool!


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